Shiatsu (acupressure massage) is done while you are lying on a mat, wearing comfortable clothes. It utilizes acupuncture points and meridians (lines/channels) found in Asian therapies as well as stretches and soft tissue manipulation. This technique works the entire body during each session, focusing upon specific areas where you might be experiencing difficulties. I will be assessing your condition as the treatment progresses. When working on these points, I will attempt to help restore you to harmony by moving and nourishing the free flow of Qi (Vital Life Energy), Blood and Lymph, bringing balance to your body on both a physical and energetic level.

This method
• reduces stress and fatigue
• relieves muscle stiffness and tension
• increases the circulation of body fluids (blood and lymph)
• regulates the autonomic nervous system (the involuntary responses)
• stimulates the function of internal organs
• reduces blood pressure
• stimulates and regulates digestion
• regulates hormonal secretions
• stirs up connective tissue making it more fluid and conducive for the body to release toxins
• stimulates skin
• increases vitality, stamina and energy
• boosts the immune system
• helps to prevent illness and injury